(UTW’s very own, Los Angeles based non-profit)

How A Million Drops Was Born

In 2013, UTW founder, Maike, was organizing events in Downtown L.A. benefitting the homeless on Skid Row. This experience led to her bringing together a team of volunteers to provide regular support to homeless, at risk youth and young adults in her own neighborhood of Hollywood.

AMD-logo-graphic-230pxShe quickly realized that in order to do this officially, she needed to file for 501(c)3 status. Choosing the name for the non-profit was easy. Maike is often asked, “What can I do to unfuck the world? Everything is just a drop in a bucket.” She will always answer, “Every drop counts and will make a difference. And together, we will be a million drops.” In October 2013, A Million Drops was granted tax exempt status by the IRS.


A Million Drops’ Programs & Events

A Million Drops provides direct, uncomplicated to individuals who need it. For example, we may help someone prepare for a job interview by taking them to the barber and going shopping for new clothes. We also make phone calls to find out how we can help someone replace a lost birth certificate.

Once a month, A Million Drops offers Free Laundry Nights at a local laundromat. With assistance from board members and volunteers, homeless and at-risk youth and young adults in Hollywood are able to wash their clothes, blankets and sleeping bags.

A Million Drops provides coins, detergent and, when wanted, help with washing and folding. Our dedicated and passionate team not only offers direct and simple improvements to the lives of people less fortunate, they also establish relationships to learn more about these individuals and their specific needs.

Several times a year at various locations, A Million Drops curates ‘Unsheltered’, an art show featuring works by homeless youth and young adults. The talent is amazing and the reception has been very positive!

Our immediate goal is to buy a retired short school bus and convert it into the A Million Drops Bus, allowing us to more effectively provide our services. The bus will provide us higher visibility, making it easier for a young person in need to find us. It will also be the home for future Unsheltered art shows: ‘Unsheltered’ – Art On Wheels.

We are currently running a campaign to help us raise the funds for a little Chevy Blue Bird that we have fallen in love with. If you would like to support us, please visit our GoFundMe page.

Our motto:

There’s plenty to do, let’s get started.