Unfuck The World Day FAQ

What is the difference between a UTW Day Party, Event and Action?

A UTW Day Party takes place in your home; it’s not a public event. Your guests are people you know, friends, family, neighbors …

A UTW Day Event takes place at a venue, i.e. a bar, a coffee shop or bowling alley. Your guests will include people you do not know. You may have a stage and bands performing. You may be charging a cover fee.

A UTW Day Positive Local Action can be anywhere, as long as it benefits your own community.

Can I create an Event Page on Facebook?

Yes. Once your UTW Day Event/Party/Action has been approved, we will ask you to make an official Facebook event so we can make the strongest impact possible.

We will provide you with the official UTW Day banner created especially for your city, and with a paragraph to help you to describe your UTW Day Event/Party. We ask you to make us a host of your Event Page.

When can I expect my Party Package after the forms are filled out?

Packages will be sent January 15st – May 1st after your application has been approved.

How do I create an Event Page on Facebook?

Please follow the steps on how to create an Event Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/events

You will have to use the banner provided by us, and make us an administrator of the event page. Please note: It is important that you create an Event, not a Profile or Group Page!

Can I sell Unfuck The World t-shirts at my UTW Day Event/Party/Action to raise money for the local charity I selected?

Yes. Change The World T-Shirts will provide authentic Unfuck The World t-shirts to you at wholesale price. You can sell them at regular retail price or below.

Can I have Unfuck The World t-shirts printed locally?

No. You will receive 2 free authentic Unfuck The World t-shirts with your Party Package. Change The World T-Shirts will provide additional authentic Unfuck The World t-shirts to you at wholesale price.

Can I have Unfuck The World shirts that have the name of my city and event info printed on the back?

Yes. Change The World T-Shirts can add a special print (artwork provided by you) on the back of the authentic Unfuck The World t-shirts, which you can buy at the wholesale price.

Will I be allowed to have Unfuck The World stickers printed locally?

No. You will receive 50 free Unfuck The World stickers with your Party Package. Additional stickers will be provided to you by Change The World T-Shirts at wholesale price.

Will I get a flyer from you to promote my UTW Day Event/Party?

Yes. We will provide you with the official artwork for the front of a flyer; you will be able to add your specific information on the back. In addition, a complete press package with instructions and additional material will be made available to you.

Can I sell tickets for my UTW Day Event/Party?


For UTW Day Events/Parties organized within the United States, we recommend Brown Paper Tickets or Eventbrite.

For UTW Day Events/Parties outside the USA, it depends on your location and available services.

Will I/my friend/the band get paid for organizing, helping out or performing at my UTW Day Event/Party?

The goal of all UTW Day Events/Parties is to raise money and/or in-kind donations for a local charity of your choice. To not take away from that charity, we strongly recommend to find artists and volunteers who want to support your Event/ Party for free. There may be exceptions to the rule that will have to be decided on an individual base.

How do you control how much money was raised through a UTW Day Event/ Party, and how much of it was donated to the selected charity?

We ask any organizer to provide us with a final report on any money made from ticket, merchandise and other sales, from auctions and raffles, as well as through donations. We will provide you with a simple form for this.

We also ask you to send us a copy of the receipt provided by the benefitting charity.

Do I have to raise money at my UTW Day Event/ Party?

No. You can also ask your guests to bring in-kind donations such as canned food, clothing, hygiene products etc. Or you and your guests can get together for a direct action, like cleaning up a local beach, beautifying a playground or feeding the homeless.

Am I allowed to approach companies about sponsoring my UTW Day Event/Party?

Generally, yes, granted that the company is in line with what UTW stands for. Before you contact any potential sponsors, please run it by us.

Are there any restrictions as to who can perform at my event?

No. We leave this up to your discretion, trusting that you will choose performers who embrace the positive message Unfuck The World represents.