LAS-VEGAS-USAThe 2016 Las Vegas Event organized by Joyce Sportsman, who also was the driving force behind the UTW Day 2014 event in Las Vegas, featured three parts, a 70 minute spirit based YOGA class, a 60 minute love and kindness MEDITATION guided by Buddhist Monk Nawala Lakkana from the Lohan Spiritual and Cultural Center and 60 minutes of open mic PASSION PITCH time – anyone who liked to share, recruit, or pitch a passion to unfuck the world in their way, got 3 minute on the mic to inspire others.

Donations were accepted at the door. All proceeds benefit seed fund for T.R.Y. Trauma Recovery Yoga, a start up bringing healing yoga and meditation to those who have suffered trauma or are in crisis (Vets with PTSD, homeless shelters, detention centers, title one school students, victims of violent crimes, TBI patients, grieving parents groups and more).

Here the awesome video the Las Vegas UTW Day team created for their event