OLONGAPO-PHILIPPPINESGershom and Melissa Pertacorta in Olongapo, Philippines, have been on board with Unfuck The World since the first UTW Day in 2013, and their yearly events have always been amazing!

This year, their activities started on June 4th, a week before the official UTW Day. Master Joemar Tashi Obejas, who did the ClimateWalk in Europe and recently, the Manila-Baguio Walk with a group of environmental advocates; Dunlee Stewart, an MMA fighter from Olongapo City and Whakin Angeles from Castillejos, Zambales, joined Gershom, and together they went to visit the Aeta people in Limuran Village.


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To get there, they hiked up a mountain for over three hours, climbing rocks, and marching through heavy rain that came down for a while as they ascended.

They brought food, sugar, rice, cooking oil, as well as clothes for the Aeta kids, and spend the weekend, sharing meals and conversations, and the message to keep the forest clean and protect the environment.







The main event on UTW Day, June 11th, was once again a great success! The goal was to promote change and awareness, and more than 100 people followed Gershom’s call.

The day-long program included Environmental Talks, Visual Arts Installations, Inner Dance Meditation by Joemar Tashi Obejas, Theatre Art Performances by SAWAKAS, vegetarian food, live music featuring Herb Culture, Slowdough, Epi and Mary Wanders, and much more.

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UTW Day Philippines Event Organizer Gershom Pertacorta taking a well deserved break

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A special thank you to The Cliff Royale Beach Resort for providing the space, to Subic Bay Clark Fuentebella Peralta and to Manuel Calupe Jr., who helped with paying for sound and lighting! And another thank you also to Sonny Balanga and Ananda Spiraltwig for the vegetables they brought from baguio!