Troy, Homeless in L.A, Talks About His Gratitude

Troy, who lives in an RV on the streets of L.A., talks about his gratitude. Help help him and others like him get off the streets by donating at

Joshua Is Homeless In Hollywood Part 2

Joshua discusses where he has worked, the legal challenges he has faced as an immigrant and how much gratitude he has. Please help A Million Drop help Joshua and people like him by donating at


The Story of Troy and Joshua, Part 1

When we first met Troy and Joshua, they were homeless in Hollywood. They reached out to us and asked for help, and, touched by their stories and convinced of their determination, we did what we could from our end to support them on their way to a life off the streets.

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Los Angeles, California, USA

An in-depth look at the original UTW Day Party in the L.A. Headquarters in 2013.

UTW Day 2015 in Omaha, Nebraska

Olangapo, Philippines

This video from the Philippines UTW Day 2014 was wonderful to receive, way to go!

Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle gave us the inside scoop on their event from 2014.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Our peeps in Reykjavik created this awesome video to show their support.

Hamburg, Germany

A great day at the beach in Hamburg’s 2013 event.