Since 2006, the Unfuck The World team in Los Angeles has inspired people across the globe to take Positive Local Action. Every day.


Once a year, we celebrate
Unfuck The World Day


In 2022, we had our
10th Annual
Unfuck The World Day


Join us in 2023 for Positive Local Action in your hometown!


Worldwide Support

Supporters celebrating UTW Day 2016 in the Philippines

UTW Day 2015 in Olongapo,  Philippines

UTW Day 2013 in Hamburg, Germany

UTW Day 2014 in Mococa, Brazil

UTW Day 2021 in Tolga, Australia

How you can participate in Unfuck The World Day

There are many ways for you to make a difference in the world.
We believe global change starts in our communities, and even in our own lives.
UTW Now encourages you to have a positive local impact in any way you can.
No matter how big or small, your action will make a difference.
If you would like to organize your own action or event, volunteer, or support the cause, please visit the links below: