The official UTW Day 2017 event in Byron Bay was organized by our supporter Genevieve Lee. Byron Bay participated for the first time, and we are thrilled to have them on board!

Genevieve’s goal was to unite her community and introduce them to local organizations that have a positive impact.








The event was hosted by MC Mark Swivel, fresh from the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Byron Bay’s own, rock band Mercy-Mercy performed a fantastic live set, and local organizations got the opportunity to showcase innovative ideas from every day people for positive local actions. Visitors got to vote for their  favorite idea. All profits from the event went to the winner, the Water Care Project.

Pratima Lightworker, Director of the Water Care project, wrote: “UTW Day was an awesome day for everyone here. It was absolutely marvelous that Dr. Mary Gardner and I won the first prize for the Water Care Project! It is such a worthy project that effects the lives of everyone in our delightful shire. With the Belongil river rated just a ‘D’ and the Richmond an ‘F’, there is a lot of improvement that can be made. Thank you UTW for your immense support!”