Los Angeles, CA, USA – UTW Headquarters

Our positive local action for the 9th Annual Unfuck The World Day here at the UTW Headquarters benefitted our sisters and brothers who are experiencing homelessness on the streets of Hollywood. On September 18, 2021, we offered an afternoon of free showers and haircuts.

For this event, we teamed up with Compassion Connection. We were able to use their professional Kohler shower trailer that provides seven state-of-the-art shower stalls, six regular and one allowing wheelchair access.

The Kohler shower trailer

Browsing for clothing in a safe and friendly environment

Before our guests took their showers – for which we provided towels, soap and other needed essentials – they were able to browse for clothing and shoes in a boutique-style setting, where donated, gently used, clean clothes, shoes and other needed items are displayed on racks and shelves, allowing a real shopping experience, rather than having to dig through trash bags or cardboard boxes.

To make sure the boutique would not run out of clothing, we had put out a call to our friends, neighbors and co-workers to clean out their closets and stop by to drop off their donations, and many followed our call!

After our guests had taken their showers, a team of stylists and barbers was ready for them to cut, trim and style hair, and beards.

5 stylists and 2 barbers volunteered their time

While our guests were waiting for their appointments, they were provided cold beverages, fresh fruit, energy bars, cookies and more. We also had give-aways, like notebooks and pens, flashlight, toiletries, tarps and many other things, plus our volunteer Adrianna set people up with free, government provided phones. And last but not least, our friend and supporter Jon Linton, founder of the Let’s Be Better Humans campaign, joined us in his beautiful outreach bus to distribute underwear.

We are excited that this event fell into place after much covid-related hurdles had to be taken. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be there and help! And a special thank you to Andrew Froemming, the Director of Operations at the Hollywood Adventist Church, our location for the event, for his incredible support!

Our awesome volunteer Diana worked tirelessly

Stylist Susan giving Dawn’s long hair a trim

One of our guests who came for a shower

Volunteers Maike, Kia and Joan

Tarps were a sought after item

Jon of Let’s Be Better Humans, and Maike

Jeff, Kia (all the way from Atlanta) and Brian

Donated shoes and sneakers went quickly

Many of our volunteers, but unfortunately not all of them made it into the picture

Volunteers Brian, Cindy and Joan

The check-in table for the showers

Jon Linton’s Let’s Be Better Humans bus

Don and Jill managed the give-aways

Craig and Thomas sorting donated clothes

Two of our stylists, Tanisha and Jacob

Tanisha cutting Ryan’s hair

Andrew (left), the Director of Operations at First Adventist

Kirsten and Bill managed the Boutique and Shower Check-In

The Boutique provides clean, gently worn clothing and shoes

Nikki, who helped  preparing the event, and Craig