The 7th Annual

Unfuck The World Day

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Since the 2nd Annual Unfuck The World Day, that took place in 2014, our co-producer Valentijn and his wife Janneke have organized yearly events in Rotterdam to benefit local organizations.

As in previous years, the two set up a stage at their restaurant Allegaartje to celebrate the day with live music and delicious, Korean specialties. Many people stopped in to enjoy the food, and to listen to some of the bands that were part of the fantastic lineup.

All proceeds from the event event – a whopping 1,000 Euro! – went to the Sheltersuit Foundation, a dutch organization that manufactures water- and windproof coats that can easily be transformed into sleeping bags, providing full-body protection. Their motto: We believe that everyone at all times deserves protection, dignity and warmth. That’s why Sheltersuits are given away for free.

Watch the video from the Event