Tolga on board first time

The official UTW Day 2017 event in Tolga, Australia, was organized by our supporter Christine Boll. Christine hosted a vegan pot-luck in her house, and everyone – vegan or non-vegan – was welcomed to gather in a non-judgmental, supportive environment.

A great success

Christine wrote: “My Vegan Pot-Luck Lunch was a great success. I live in a small, rural area, our main industries are dairy and beef cattle. Not a popular place to be vegan. I didn’t realize there were so many other vegans in the area. About 14 came to the lunch and some drove over 1.5 hours to come. I also got messages from four other vegans who live in the area who weren’t able to attend but want to connect in the future!”













This is exactly what UTW Day is about: connecting strangers, reconnecting old friends, building a network, giving and receiving support.

The donations that were made during Christine’s UTW Day lunch benefit a local cow sanctuary.