The 8th Annual UTW DAY




The 8th Annual UTW Day will take place on Saturday, September 19, 2020, and as in previous years we have participants in countries around the globe: in Australia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, France and the USA.

UTW Day Event Organizer Augustine

This year, second time UTW Day organizer Augustine Ang in Melbourne, Australia is organizing a nature walk in Brimbam National Park. The walk will be guided by an aboriginal elder, giving the participants an amazing opportunity not only to connect with the land, but to learn about its rich cultural history, much of which is not being taught in schools.


UTW Day Event Organizer Prolet

UTW Day Event Organizer Smile

Longtime UTW Day organizer Melissa Flores Pertacorta and her partner Villy Jason Baybayan are joined this year by their friends Yshmaela Villaruz Abrera aka Smile and Carlos Cueva Sanchez aka Prolet. Together, the four are organizing a big, all day event at the Apo Family Resort in Subic, Philippines. There will be guest speakers talking about a variety of topics, from the beautiful culture of the indigenous Aeta people to composting and recycling. They are also going to offer free classes in soap and wine making, and mushroom growing, and – leading up to the event – there will be a skim competition for the local kids!


UTW Day Event Organizers Melissa (top left), Smile and Prolet (bottom) in a Zoom call with UTW Day Creator & Producer Maike in Los Angeles


The official flyer for the UTW Day 2020 event in France

UTW ‘s official Ambassador in France, Emilie Sparacca

Emilie Sparacca is joining  us for the second time as a UTW Day event organizer; the first time was in 2015, when Emilie lived in Dublin, Ireland.

This time, her event will be in the South of France, in the small town of Marseillan. Emilie just became our official Ambassador in France, and we are very excited to have her on the team!

Emilie is organizing a big, all-day festival including an organic farmers market offering products from the region, booths introducing local, alternative organizations and charities, and in the evening food trucks and live music by local bands and DJs.

Any money raised from the event in Marseillan will benefit Project Rescue Ocean Marseille.


Our official UTW Day Co-Producer Valentijn Vogel and his wife Janneke in Rotterdam, The Netherlands are working on creating a video with live music and calls-to-action by local bands, and explaining what UTW Day is about.

UTW Day Co-Producer and Event Organizer, Valentijn Vogel, and his wife Janneke

The video will be playing all day in their restaurant, Allegaartje. There will be an online fundraiser, any money donated as well as a portion of the sales at the restaurant on UTW Day will go to the local charity, Stichting Isaak & de Schittering.


UTW Day Event Organizer Corinne

Our supporter of many years and UTW Day 2013 event organizer, Corinne Gottlieb and her daughter in Charleston, SC are busy painting little river rocks.

On UTW Day 2020, they are going to hide the little gems in plain sight on local walking trails around town, so that some lucky people can find and take them home!


UTW Day Event Organizer Kia Shahid

Our awesome UTW Day organizer Zakiyyah ‘Kia’ Shahid in Atlanta, Georgia is back! This year, Kia is teaming up with the local charity Change To Humanity.

Together, they will deliver fresh produce and organic items to over one hundred local refugee families and hand out goodie bags to the children.


The dirt lot behind Clear Skies Ranch

Here at the UTW Headquarters in Los Angeles, we are going to bring together a group of volunteers to give some love to the dirt lot behind Clear Skies Ranch, a recovery and re-entry home for men who were released from prison after spending many years behind bars.

Together with the residents, we are going to build a chicken coup and a fence, plant trees, as well as veggies and herbs.

If social distancing allows, we will celebrate our accomplishments of the day with a bbq and live music performed by some of the residents.


Join us and host your own Event, Party or Positive Local Action. You could do all sorts of things like • organize a street, forest or beach cleanup • help an elderly neighbor with grocery shopping or lawn mowing • distribute food, water, toiletries or clothes to people experiencing homelessness • create a music event, game night or auction to raise money for a local cause. The choice is yours, as long as it benefits your community or a local charity.

If you are interested in organizing an event, a party or a positive local action in your hometown, no matter how big or small, please contact us! We’d love to hear your ideas and have you on board for a little unfuckery!

Visit the past events page for information, pictures and videos from the global events, and visit the Become a Host or Volunteer Page to find out how you can participate this year.


The UTW Team