Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Our friend and supporter, Pauletta Pierce, who in previous years attended UTW Day events organized by the UTW Headquarters, decided to do her own positive action this year! When she found out that a  local Senior Citizen Building in Chinatown called Cathy Manor elevators in a 15-story building were down for 2 weeks, she joined in with local community members to make themselves available to their Elders to bring supplies up and down the stairs.

One of the elevators was finally repaired, and together with community members and local youth, Pauletta organized a UTW Day event, celebrating the Chinese Moon Festival and honoring the Elders at Cathy Manor.

Chinese Moon Festival symbolizes the reunion of family; it is a  greeting of autumn, giving thanks for a good harvest.

The gathering for the Elders was celebrated with food and traditional Lion Dancers, bringing good fortune and luck. And what better day to do this than Unfuck The World Day?!