About Unfuck The World Day

Since 2013, the team at the Unfuck The World Headquarters in Los Angeles has been organizing Annual Unfuck The World Days.  UTW Day is celebrated in countries around the globe, connecting those who seek to create change in their communities, spreading awareness and inspiring others to do the same. Some raise money for charity, others organize positive local actions. In Los Angeles, the focus is on homelessness. The UTW team runs a non-profit providing services and support to homeless, at-risk youth and young adults. 

Cities that have participated in Unfuck The World Day since 2013 include

 AFRICA: Johannisburg, South Africa

 ASIA: Subic Bay/Olongapo, Philippines                                    

 OCEANIA:  Brisbane, Australia; Byron Bay, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Tolga, Australia; Traralgon, Australia; Footscray, Australia                                                 

 EUROPE: Amersfoort, The Netherlands; Cologne, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; Hamburg, Germany; London, UK; Reykjavik, Iceland; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Wöllingstadt, Germany; Augsburg, Germany
 CANADA: Lethbridge, Alberta; Swift Current, Saskatchewan; Alberta, Canada   
NORTH AMERICA: Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Cleveland, OH; Grapevine, TX; Hagerstown, MD; Henderson, NV; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Makanda, IL; Omaha, NE; Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; Seattle, WA; Vancouver, WA; Wausau, WI; Vancouver, WA

 SOUTH AMERICA: Mococa, Brazil