Unfuck The World Day is a unique, one-day event of solidarity and strength in numbers, and we are very grateful for your participation. No Event/Party/Positive Local Action is too big or too small!

As an official UTW Day participant, you will either organize an Event or Party benefitting a local, charitable organization, such as a homeless shelter, foster home, battered women’s house, pet shelter, environmental organization etc. Or you can organize a Positive Local Action having a direct impact on your community, such as tree planting, beach clean up, playground beautification, passing out food or blankets to people experiencing homelessness etc.

To ensure a successful day of celebration, we depend on you to make your Event/Party/Positive Local Action be part of the larger UTW Day. It is important that your Event/Party/Positive Local Action is exclusively a UTW Day Event/Party /Positive Local Action and promoted as such. To make it easier, we will provide you with materials and the exact language we will all use to make this a uniform day all over the world.

To ensure that all global events are recognizable as an Unfuck The World Day related event, we ask each organizer to follow a few simple guidelines and meet our set standards for approval as an official Event/Party/Positive Local Action. In exchange for agreeing to the terms, we will provide tools to make your UTW Day happen.

If this sounds good to you and you want to go ahead with this (or if you want more info), please contact us via our contact form. We will get back to you to schedule a Skype call, so we can get to know each other a little bit and talk about your plans for UTW Day.