Want to join us for the next Unfuck The World Day?

Our Annual Unfuck The World Days are made possible thanks to our devoted international supporters whose numbers are rapidly growing. In addition to our flagship events here in L.A., UTW Day Events, Parties, and Positive Local Actions took place all around the globe, and we expect many international organizers to join us for UTW Day 2023.

Previous participants: Traralgon, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Brisbane, Australia; Subic Bay, Philippines; Hamburg, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Amersfoort, Netherlands; Dublin, Ireland; London, UK; Reykjavik, Iceland; Lethbridge, Canada; Swift Current, Canada; Atlanta, USA: Las Vegas, USA; San Diego, USA; Omaha, USA; Portland, USA; Wausau, USA; Hagerstown, USA; Vancouver, USA; Seattle, USA; Lawrence, USA; Cleveland, USA; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Mococa, Brazil; Johannesburg, South Africa; Byron Bay, Australia; Tolga, Australia; Footscray, Australia and more.

Become a part of the 11TH Annual Unfuck The World Day:

Organize an official Unfuck The World Day Event, Party, or Positive Local Action in your hometown!


Saturday, September 23, 2023


It’s up to you! A small Party, a big Event, or a Positive Local Action, bringing together friends and strangers, local musicians and artists, anyone who wants to make this world a better place.


In your living room or backyard, at a local homeless shelter, at the beach or a park, at an animal shelter or a coffee shop … get creative!


To connect like-minded people and inspire positive local action.

Event or Party

We ask you to choose a local, charitable organization that will benefit from your Event or Party, such as a homeless shelter, foster home, battered women’s house, pet shelter, environmental organization, etc. Let us know which organization you chose, why you chose them and how you and your guests will support their cause. You may decide to request a donation for admission or ask guests to bring needed goods such as canned food, clothes, toys, or pet food. We encourage you to work directly with your chosen organization to find out what kind of support they need the most. Be creative, and don’t forget to set up a donation jar!

Positive Local Action

Instead of an Event or Party, you can also organize a Positive Local Action that you and your guests will accomplish on Unfuck The World Day 2022. Some ideas are the planting of trees, a beach clean up, playground beautification, passing out food or blankets to people experiencing homelessness, and so much more. Let us know what action you are planning and why! If you need help coming up with an action, please contact us!

To ensure that all Events, Parties, and Positive Local Actions are recognized as part of the official Unfuck The World Day, we ask organizers to follow our guidelines and meet our set standards for approval as an official event. Once you are an official organizer, we will provide you with a t-shirt and sticker package, as well as artwork for a flyer to help you make your UTW Day a success!

For more info, please check out our FAQ page. If you think about joining us for UTW Day 2022 by organizing an Event/Party or Positive Local Action, please read and make sure you agree with our Guidelines . If you agree with our Guidelines, please apply and share your ideas with us via our Contact Form. We will start accepting applications in January 2023. Official packages will start to go out July 2023.

The UTW L.A. Team