2018 – The 6th Annual UTW DAY


The 6th Annual UTW Day took place on Saturday, June 9, 2018, and as in previous years, we had participants in countries around the globe: Australia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Brazil, and here in the USA.

Visit the past events page for information, pictures, and videos from the global events, and visit the Become a Host or Volunteer Page to find out how you can participate this year.

If you are interested in organizing an event or action in your hometown, no matter how big or small, please contact us! We’d love to have you on board for a little unfuckery!

A Million Drops Learning Center

At the UTW HQ here in Los Angeles, CA, USA, we celebrated UTW Day with the grand opening of the A Million Drops Learning Center. Our own non-profit, A Million Drops, took a big leap and signed the lease for a space in Hollywood where we now offer workshops and support to the young homeless community.

We gutted and painted the space in the weeks leading up to UTW Day. Our supporters donated furniture, a little library, laptops, art supplies, and much more, and on June 9, we were ready!

For the opening day celebration, we introduced Unsheltered, an exhibition of photographs taken by young people who sleep rough.

We also began with the installation of an organic, edible garden. Many people stopped by to see the space, meet the board members and some of our young clients, and find out how they can help and support our efforts.

UTW Day – Global Events

2018 Participants

  • ASIA
    • Olongapo, Philippines
    • Melbourne, VIC, Australia (Canceled)
    • Tolga, QLD, Australia (Canceled)
    • Footscray, VIC, Australia
    • Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    • Los Angeles, CA, USA

Footscray, VIC, Australia

Augustine Ang in Footscray, VIC, Australia organized a music/spoken word poetry event at the Dancing Dog Cafe! The money he was able to raise from donations, a bake sale, and a raffle went to Helping Hands Mission, a non-profit that runs seven opportunity shops across Melbourne and rural Victoria, providing emergency support to families and individuals who are suffering as a result of extreme circumstances.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

Valentijn and Janneke Vogel-van Steenderen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Europe set up a stage at their Korean restaurant Alleegartje to celebrate a day of live music and great food, and to raise money for Straatsmensen (Street People), a local organization that prepares meals and collects clothing for people who experience homelessness.

An information screen was set up to tell people about Unfuck The World and about the charity they were supporting.

Thanks to the crew and bands who worked/played for free Valentijn and Janneke were able to raise 600 euros!

Tolga, QLD, Australia

Christine Boll was going to be back on board for the second time, organizing a vegan picnic at a local park in Tolga, QLD, Australia to bring awareness about animal cruelty and abuse. Unfortunately due to personal reasons, Christine had to cancel last minute, but we are sure she will be back in 2019!

Barretto, Olongapo, Philippines

Melissa Flores Pertacorta and her friends in Barretto, Olongapo, Philippines organized a big beach clean-up. During the day, they filled dozens of large bags with trash, raked the sand, and in addition, provided information about trash and recycling to anyone who happened to walk by. A beautiful example of positive local action!

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