Our mission is to empower, inspire and mobilize people around the world to take positive local actions.


No positive action is too small, and it will make a difference. It’s the sum of our actions that will move the world in the right direction.


We call it unprofanity, and we are sorry if anyone feels offended by a word. We feel offended by what we as a people do to each other and to this planet.


Yes: unfuck, Unfuck, UNFUCK, UTW, UTW Now, UTW Day
No: unf*ck, Unf*ck, UNF*CK, un-fuck, un-Fuck, unFuck, UFTW or similar variations


LOCAL: At the UTW Headquarters in L.A. our focus is on the issue of homelessness and social injustice.

GLOBAL: Our official UTW teams around the world support projects that are relevant to them and their communities, i.e. UTW Traralgon, Australia supports a local animal shelter; UTW Olongapo, Philippines supports the Aeta People; UTW Mococa, Brazil plants trees to do something about deforestation in the area.

Unfuck The World Day

The 1st Annual Unfuck The World Day took place on Saturday, June 8th, 2013. It was such a great success that we have held UTW Days every year since, on the second Saturday in June.  Each year, various cities on the continents of Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North and South America have celebrated UTW Day by organizing positive local actions or events with music by local bands, spoken word, and live art performances, and introducing local organizations that have a positive impact on the local community. Additionally, they have created inspiring local projects while raising money and gathering in-kind donations for local charities.

The 11th annual Unfuck The World Day will take place on September 23, 2023.

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