The 7th Annual UTW DAY


The 7th Annual UTW Day took place on Saturday, September 21, 2019, and as in previous years we had participants in countries around the globe: Australia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Brazil and here in the USA.

Visit the past events page for information, pictures and videos from the global events, and visit the Become a Host or Volunteer Page to find out how you can participate this year.

If you are interested in organizing an event or action in your hometown, no matter how big or small, please contact us! We’d love to have you on board for a little unfuckery!

Community Street Cleanup

At the UTW Headquarters in Los Angeles, we celebrated this year’s UTW Day with a big Community Street Cleanup, picking up trash along the streets and sidewalks of Hollywood. Because we care about where we live, and because we know we can’t wait until someone else does the job.

Despite the early morning hours – we were trying to beat the heat – 20 volunteers showed up; amongst them were co-workers, friends, people who attend classes at our A Million Drops Learning Center, and a few strangers who had found our event on Facebook

Our cleanup was well received. As we filled gigantic trash bags – provided for free by the City of L.A., along with rakes, shovels, brooms, and gloves – with anything from cigarette butts and beer cans to take-out containers and some unidentifiable items, members of the community came out of their houses to thank us. My favorite encounter was with an elderly man who was carrying a ladder to a tree that grew on the sidewalk, bursting with small, orange fruit. Upon asking, he explained to us that those were jujubes, a sort of Asian date. The tree was very tall, and when I asked the man if he knew how old it was, he said: “I know exactly how old it is. I planted it myself, 30 years ago.” It really was a special experience, having a personal encounter with someone who had lived in the neighborhood for such a long time and seen its changes.

Not only did we connect with the neighbors, but we also became friends with the other volunteers, and after filling 30 large trash bags we decided to celebrate our accomplishment by sharing a meal at a local Mexican restaurant. We took over the patio and certainly gained attention in our Unfuck The World t-shirts.

The 7th Annual Unfuck The World Day – Atlanta, GA, USA

Zakiyyah joined us for the first time in celebrating Unfuck The World Day.

Zakiyyah’s awesome video created to promote her event!

Here is Zakiyyah’s ‘After’ video

Read what Zakiyyah had to say about her event

It was exciting to celebrate the 7th Annual “Unfuck the World Day! We organized an event to mobilize people in Atlanta to take positive action against homelessness. Many people joined us for a fun night of board games and karaoke, and all proceeds and donations collected went to The Love of Giving. We chose this organization because of their continued efforts to put an end to poverty and provide aid to the growing homeless population in Atlanta.

The 7th Annual Unfuck The World Day – Melbourne, Australia

We are stoked that long time UTW supporter Melissa and Michelle joined us again this year! The Unfuck The World Day events in Melbourne have always been very true to our motto, Positive Local Action, and we were so happy to have them on board again!

This year, they were planning to celebrate Unfuck The World Day with a Healing Circle and Meditation. Unfortunately, Mel had an accident a couple of weeks before the big day, so instead of hosting a live event, she and her girlfriend Michelle created this wonderful video. Enjoy!


“What the world needs now,
Is love, sweet love…” (lyrics by Hal David)
So let’s give it to her. ♥

The 7th Annual Unfuck The World Day – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Since the 2nd Annual Unfuck The World Day, which took place in 2014, our co-producer Valentijn and his wife Janneke have organized yearly events in Rotterdam to benefit local organizations.

As in previous years, the two set up a stage at their restaurant Allegaartje to celebrate the day with live music and delicious, Korean specialties. Many people stopped in to enjoy the food, and to listen to some of the bands that were part of the fantastic lineup.

All proceeds from the event – a whopping 1,000 Euros! – went to the Sheltersuit Foundation, a dutch organization that manufactures water- and windproof coats that can easily be transformed into sleeping bags, providing full-body protection. Their motto: We believe that everyone at all times deserves protection, dignity, and warmth. That’s why Sheltersuits are given away for free.

Watch the video from the Event!


To find out how you can participate in UTW Day 2020, please visit Become A Host