Hey Bands and Singer-Songwriters!

Are you a supporter of the Unfuck The World movement? Would you like to be part of it?

Here’s your chance!

This is your invitation to create a special Unfuck The World  video that we can upload to our Unfuck The World  YouTube Channel.

What we need:

Length/size: max. 5 Min/5GB

File Format: HD 16:9 H.264 .MP4 only, please… the highest quality you can give us in a max of 5 Minutes/5 Gigs. And please shoot horizontally. We can’t use vertical videos.

Limit: One submission per band (if you submit more than once, the latest submission will supercede all previous submissions).

Content: The video needs to be specially recorded for Unfuck The World, and must contain one original song — to which you control all rights — plus a statement or conversation about what Unfuck The World means to you, how it influenced you, and what you do to unfuck the world. Your English doesn’t need to be perfect; you can even speak your native language and add English subtitles if you prefer. We’d also love to see you in scenic locales — urban or out in the countryside — that represent your country or city. And if you have action video of you and your bandmates engaging in real unfuckery, more’s the better!

Your info: First Name, Last Name, Band/Artist Name, Video Title, Email, Postal Address and Phone Number are required fields. Please also add all links to your band’s website, YouTube channel, Facebook Page, and Twitter, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud profiles, plus any comments or questions you’d like to share with us.

Ownership: You own the video, not us!

How to submit: Please upload your video to DropBox. Once you submit this form, we will give you an email address for sharing the video with us.

Agreement: By typing your name in the First Name and Last Name fields below and hitting Submit, you grant Unfuck The World / UTWnow.org / UTWday.org an exclusive license to publish the related video on the UTW YouTube channel. You also grant permission for the video to be embedded on any website or social media platform via YouTube. After three months, you may post the video elsewhere. You also grant us license to keep the video on our YouTube channel, and available for embedding, indefinitely thereafter, or until you request that it be removed. Additionally, you grant us permission to post frame grabs / still images from the video, as well as a text transcription of the video’s content, in whole or in part, on the UTW YouTube channel, as well as on the UTWnow.org and/or UTWday.org websites for an indefinite period, or until you request that they be removed. During both the three months exclusivity period and beyond, you retain the right to post frame grabs/still images and text transcripts of the video on your promotional web venues, as long as you also provide a link to the UTW YouTube channel.

Just FYI: The Unfuck The World Team will serve as the final arbiters regarding the fitness for use of all submissions. We reserve the right to omit those videos we feel are not appropriate for the Unfuck The World Day event in terms of tone, subject matter, quality, length, or other criteria. But we have faith your video will be awesome!

Go for it!