UTW Day Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is between A Million Drops/Unfuck The World (AMD/UTW) and the Local Organizer (Organizer). The terms of this Agreement are as follows:

1. Organizer agrees to organize an Event/Party or Positive Local Action on Saturday, September 19, 2020 as part of Unfuck The World Day 2020 (UTW Day 2020).

2. Organizer agrees to:

a) organize an Event/Party. Prior to your Event/Party, you must choose a local, charitable organization that will benefit from your Event/Party, such as a homeless shelter, foster home, battered women’s house, pet shelter, environmental organization etc.. You will let UTW/AMD know which organization you picked and why you picked them and how your guests will support the organization. (Some Events/Parties may have a mandatory donation for admission, others have their guests bring in-kind donations, such as canned goods, clothes, toys or pet food. We encourage you to work directly with the organization you choose to find out what kind of support they need the most. Be creative, and don’t forget to set up a donation jar!)


b) organize a Positive Local Action. You must let UTW/AMD know what Positive Local Action you and your guests will execute on Unfuck The World Day 2020. (Local Positive Action can include actions such as tree planting, beach clean up, playground beautification, passing out food or blankets to people experiencing homelessness etc.)

3. Hosts are encouraged to do as much promotion as possible. We will send you

a) the official image for your Facebook Event Page’s cover photo,

b) a digital file of the official flyer you can use to hand out,

c) a promo package including 2 Unfuck The World T-Shirts (one for you and one for your co-host), and 30 free Unfuck The World stickers. We ask you to please meet us half way by covering the cost for shipping & handling.

The cost for s&h is USD10.50 domestic, USD14.50 to Canada and USD16.50 International. To receive your promo package, please pay the applicable amount via the Donate button.

4. We ask that you do not create your own original graphics to promote Unfuck The World Day. Any material you use must include our language as provided. Any language you may want to use for print or media distribution other than the provided one must be pre-approved. You agree to always use “Unfuck The World” as spelled, and not change the name of the event, i.e. to “Unf*ck The World”, unless discussed with us. We also ask you to always spell the word in one word,  ’unfuck’, ‘Unfuck’ or ‘UNFUCK’, not ‘un fuck’, ‘un Fuck’ or ‘unFuck’ or any other variation.  The abbreviation is always UTW, not UFTW.

6. You and your co-host agree to wear the UTW t-shirts during the Event/Party or Positive Local Action, and to hand out free stickers to your guests.

7. You agree to take photos and/or video clips of yourself and of your guests showing the UTW t-shirts and stickers, of the donated items and of people in Positive Local Action, and you will post those pictures and/or video clips on UTW’s Facebook Page on September 21, 2019 and the following days. You will also send any photographs and/or video clips of the Event/Party or Positive Local Action to us , and you allow us to use those photographs and/or video clips in posts and articles and for videos that we create after the Event.

8. You will take any in-kind and/or monetary donations to the selected charity within a week of the Event/Party, and you will send us proof (pictures, copy of receipt) of having done so.

You promise that you will use good faith and make all efforts to conduct the Event/Party or Positive Local Action as outlined above. Should any issues arrive and you will not be able to hold the Event/Party or Positive Local Action as outlined above, you will return all merchandise promptly and take down any online banners and/or logos provided by us.

Hold Harmless Agreement

You are voluntarily participating in UTW Day 2020 and assume all risks of your participation. You agree to hold harmless AMD/UTW from any and all claims, loss or damage to your personal property, liabilities and costs as a result of your participation in UTW Day 2020.