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Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary

10 Years of Unfuckery

September 11th will be our anniversary! On Sunday, it will be exactly 10 years since we started Change The World T-Shirts, selling Unfuck The World gear to raise money for selected charities.

What began in 2006 as a small passion project, has – with your continued support – grown into a global movement. Unfuckers all around the world have started positive local actions, not just on our Annual Unfuck The World Days, but on a regular base.


Because we want celebrate this amazing accomplishment and thank you all for being part of this incredible journey, we are going to have a sale. On Saturday, September 10th, we will launch our brand new webstore. For two days, you will get the opportunity to save over 30% on our authentic Unfuck The World and Fingertree t-shirts.

   10th ANNIVERSARY   •   10th ANNIVERSARY    •    10th ANNIVERSARY  


The sale will start on Saturday, September 10 at 8 am PST and end on Sunday, September 11 at 8 pm PST. As always, part of the proceeds will go to selected charities (you get to pick one!), and part will help us organize our local, positive UTW actions.

What we do here in L.A. to make the world a little better is provide support to homeless and at-risk youth and young adults through our non-profit, A Million Drops. Every penny made from t-shirt sales helps us doing that.

Thank you all for your incredible support through the years, and cheers to the next 10!


If you would like to make a monetary contribution, please go here. Or you can visit our wish list of needed items like socks, blankets or sleeping bags. Both links are handled by our non-profit, A Million Drops, an L.A. based 501(c)3. Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do it without your help!

For stories and pictures from the global events on UTW Day 2015, please visit our home page!

Read this newsletter on the UTWnow website…

What does Unfuck The World mean to you? If you or someone you know are doing something to make this world a little better, please share it with us here.

News from the UTW Day Headquarters in L.A.

T minus 2 days until UTW Day 2015

Saturday, June 13 marks the date for the 3rd Annual Unfuck The World Day with events around the globe, introducing positive projects + people making change, and we here at the headquarters in L.A. are working all day and (almost) all night to get everything ready in time.

UTW FB Banner

As in previous years, we are going to have cities participating on four continents  – Australia, Asia, Europe and North America – and for the first time ever, we are going to have live video chats with UTW event organizers and supporters around the globe.

Our UTW Day event here at the L.A. headquarters will take place right where we are doing2015-tilted-version copy our outreach work in support of the youth and young adults who live in shelters, on sidewalks and on the embankments of the 101 freeway, right in the heart of Hollywood.

It includes a DONATION DRIVE where we invite people to stop by and drop off in-kind donations: gently worn, clean clothes and shoes, new underwear and socks, toiletries, back packs and sleeping bags all will be highly appreciated.

merc80_2And why just stop by to drop off? We welcome everyone to stay and relax for a couple of hours. DJ Merc80 will be spinning his MUSIC throughout the day, creating the perfect ambience for a sunny, laid back California afternoon, while visitors can check out our ART SHOW, featuring works by local homeless and at-risk youth and young adults, as well as by artists from around the AMD-logo-graphic-230pxglobe.

All pieces will be for sale, the proceeds of art created by the young homeless will go directly to them, and the sales of works donated by international artist will benefit our non-profit, A Million Drops, that is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the young homeless in Hollywood.

The event will also provide a platform for NETWORKING, for meeting like-minded people and finding out about the good things that are happening in our city. We’ve invited groups and individuals who do good in our local communities to represent themselves, including Laundry Love, American Street Kid, Give A Beat, the Youth Center on Highland, the HoPe Veterinary Center, My Friend’s Place, Rob Greenfield of the Food Waste Fiasco and more.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are going to have a RAFFLE with lots of great prizes, tickets are only a dollar and people don’t even have to be present to win!

For more info, please visit our UTW website and join the event on Facebook.

Here is our link for monetary donations and this is our wish list on Amazon. Both links are handled by our non-profit, A Million Drops, an official 501(c)3, and I guarantee personally that your donation will go directly to the specific areas that it was intended for.


What does Unfuck The World mean to you? If you or someone you know are doing something to make this world a little better, please share it with us here


For more stories and pictures from the global events on UTW Day 2014, please visit our home page!

Read this newsletter on the UTWnow website…

Weekly News From The UTW Headquarters L.A.

I AM CURRENTLY ON VACATION IN GERMANY, and since I keep hearing that the Germans are miles ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to renewable energies and recycling, I thought it would be interesting to look into some of the country’s statistics.


Solar powered parking lot

According to CleanTechnica, Germany’s solar production during the first half of 2014 was up 28%, while wind power was up 19%.

As a result, the renewable sector accounted for 31% of the nation’s electricity. The plan is to reach 35% by 2020 and an impressive 80% by 2050.



The increase in renewables has also been accompanied by a decrease in fossil fuel usage.

Gas-fired power plant production is down 25%, compared to last year, and hard coal production fell 11%. That’s pretty good!

When it comes to ‘Reduce’, Germans have room for improvement. In 2012, according to a report by the Statistische Bundesamt in Wiesbaden, they created 611 kilo trash per person, which puts them in the fourth place compared to other European countries, only trumped by Denmark, Cyprus and Luxembourg. The average number of trash produced in the USA in 2010 was 745 kilo per person …

1215_055xf_farbig_eHowever, the Germans are doing pretty good at recycling; of Germany’s municipal waste, 45 percent is recycled, 38 percent is burned and 17 percent is composted

According to a recent report on European waste management, Germany has nearly eliminated waste from landfills thanks to a combination of restrictions and fees.





…. LAUGH OFTEN! When we laugh, endorphins are released by the brain which not only give us that ‘feel good’ feeling , but have been shown to also help with pain relief.


UTW in America - Santa Barbara:Lizard's Mouth - GabrielGarcia1This awesome picture taken at Lizard’s Mouth near Santa Barbara, California, was sent to us by UTW supporter Gabriel. For more info on the yarn bombs, go to


What does Unfuck The World mean to you? If you are doing something to make this world a little better, please share it with us here


For more stories and pictures from the global events on UTW Day 2014, please visit our home page!



Fenway Honu from Sacramento sent us this message:

Maile and Bella the Americauna hen

Maile and Bella the Americauna hen

“Some of the things I do to unfuck the world are: When I mow the lawn I use a push mower that uses no gas or electricity, just human power.

I grow my own vegetables, raise chickens for eggs using their crushed eggshells for the soil and I compost.

I plan my days out so there is minimal carbon output; when out on errands I park in one place and walk to the stores, ride bikes whenever possible over using the car.

Fenway, Bella, Aengus, Susnshine, Spook, Lily

Fenway, Bella, Aengus, Susnshine, Spook, Lily


I recycle, always use reusable bags when shopping, pick up trash on daily walks with my dog, buy items with less packaging, always use a reusable bottle for water, cut up paper if it’s blank on one side and use it as note paper.

We turn off lights in rooms not in use, never keep water running when brushing teeth or lathering up in the shower, or washing dishes, and we installed low pressure shower heads.

We never eat fast food or support those types of businesses; I cook homemade meals everyday and teach my kids to do the same.”

We love this message; Fenway is setting a great example! If everybody would take a lot of these simple actions, it would be a great step towards making this world a better place!


Quotes from UTW supporters on what Unfuck The World means to them …

Anton Mueller: “Unfuck The World is part of the (slowly) growing movement for systemic and holistic change in how humans interact with each other and the world. It’s not angry, it’s not political. It is above these things. To me, it attempts to say (firmly, but calmly), ‘fuck politics, fuck theology, you can keep these dividers, we know the only way forward is together.”

Kelsie Willoughby: “To unfuck the world means to lose the selfish ‘every man for himself’ mentality the world has adopted. Stop saying ‘fuck the world’ and ‘fuck it’. Everyone on their own initiative go out on a daily basis and do something selfless and unconditional for their fellow human beings. It starts with each person. Smile at people in public. Acknowledge those with less than you and share what you have. Help someone if you see they need it. Compliment strangers. Go buy that old bum a cheeseburger and a beer… lol. People tell me I’m too nice all the time. ”Why did you do that, you don’t even know them” or “Well, I wouldn’t have done that, you are too nice”. I think it’s time for everyone to pay a little love forward, to unfuck the world. Kindness inspires kindness.”


 Sustainable Communities in Tulare, California

Sustainable Communities in Tulare, California



What does Unfuck The World mean to you? If you are doing something to make this world a little better, please share it with us here





For more stories and pictures from the global events on UTW Day 2014, please visit our home page!


First Results From UTW Day 2014 Events Around The World:


A percentage of this year’s donations went to Laundry Love

LOS ANGELES, USA: Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets or bid on the items in our silent auction, UTW Day L.A. was able to raise the amount of $1,417.00. More than half of it went to Just4One/Laundry Love to support the start of a new Laundry Love chapter in Hollywood, the rest will help us finance future UTW events.

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands: Valentijn Vogel and his friends in Rotterdam had only a couple of weeks to organize their event at the “Het Lab”, but many followed their call, enjoying a day of good music and food, and together, they were able to raise € 300.- ($410.00) that went to the local  Voedselbank (Food Bank).

UTW Day 2014 in Rotterdam_Valentijn_check

Valentijn (left) and his wife Janneke (right) with a representative of the Voedselbank

SEATTLE, USA: Our peeps in Seattle had guest speakers from Sharewheel, Beacon Food Forest, the American Federation of Suicide Prevention and a long list of great bands, and they raised the awesome amount of $959.00! They chose two organizations to benefit from the money made from ticket, raffle ticket and merch sales: the Cascade Valley Hospital received a check for $549.00, and $410.00 went to the Plus One Foundation. And not only that, but they also donated $250.00 made from t-shirt sales to us to help with future UTW events! Organizer Garth wrote: “Thank you many times for this whole wave you’ve started. We love adding our part and making it a bigger, more badass(er) ocean.”

LETHBRIDGE, Canada: $1,123.00 were raised by Daysha and her friends during their UTW Day 2014 event at the Galaxy in Lethbridge. They chose NOKA, the No-Kill Animal Association in Lethbridge, as the benefitting charity. Daysha wrote: “Our info boards sparked lots of conversations. People fell in love with ‘Unfuck The World’ and we definitely got some new followers on board!”

TRARALGON, Australia: UTW Day organizers Melissa and Sara in Traralgon had a pot luck party in their barn. All their friends gladly followed their call and enjoyed an evening of games, good food and live music – Melissa performed her original Unfuck The World song and everybody sang along. A total of $416.50 was raised, and the money as well as in-kind donations went to FFARL, the Forever Friends Animal Rescue Latrobe, and to Kaya’s Mission.  and Melissa wrote: “We can’t wait to do even bigger and better things next year.”

For more stories and pictures from the global events on UTW Day 2014, please visit our home page!

Pamela Griffin: Raising two kids that care, love and respect nature

Pamela Griffin from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia wrote:

“I am raising two kids that care, love and respect nature. So far my 4 and 9 year old children refuse to eat McDonald’s etc because they understand about factory farming and do not want any part of it, (do you have any idea how massive it is for a kid these days to walk past the golden M and to not ask), they never litter and spend their free time picking up other people’s litter.

They would rather play outdoors than play on the computer. They live by the motto of Unfuck The World, and my 9 year old helps educate her peers. And slowly one by one, a new generation of children will stand up and fight to unfuck the world. This may not seem like much, but if I do nothing else in my life at least I have raised two unmaterialistic nature lovers, in a materialistic concrete world, and for that I am proud.”

Matthew Markman from St. John's, MI, USA

Here’s what Matthew Markman from St. Johns, Michigan is doing to unfuck the world:

“I moved away from home, and have now lived in 5 countries. I do this to not only expand my knowledge of the world we live in, but to bridge the gap between cultures.

I explain where I come from to others, while allowing them to explain and teach about where they come from to me. I think this is very important, because it allows us to notice how much we really are one human family, and in this great world together.

The trading and sharing of ideas, of customs, of values in a respectful environment is paramount to the human existence, and this is what I have dedicated myself too. I’ve found myself riding in the back of a dump truck with a family of 20 Colombians in a very rural part the developing world (I think they are still confused as to what a gringo was doing there…) to the poshest locations in Paris and London, trying to bridge the gap between cultures. Talking, sharing, trying to change viewpoints, and gain acceptance for all.

We are not a world of divided nations like they would like us to believe, but one world, nation free, for and by everybody. This is my vision, and this is how I try to unfuck the world.”

Torben Christiansen, unfucking the world in Viby

Torben Christiansen from Viby, Denmark sent us this message:

“Friday December 20 2013: I got my present from the company I work for, a box full of Danish Christmas food, coffee and sweets, worth about $100. I gave it all away to a girl I know, who is a single mom with no income. She is happy now and so am I… :-)”

What are you doing to Unfuck The World? Share your positive actions with us so that we can continue to inspire others and grow this movement.

Krysta Tulenko, unfucking the world in Brunswick

Krysta Tulenko from Brunswick wrote:

“I help spread the message about how corrupt companies are that use human slave labor to make their products. I help spread the message that factory farming and GMO foods are not only destroying our own personal health, but also the planet’s health. I try to bring more open discussions about how the homeless did not choose to live the way they do, that it benefits everyone to help out local food pantries. I may be crass in the way I come across when people meet me face to face, but the message is pretty simple, if we don’t stop believing the lies that have been forced upon us for decades, then we are going to drive not only the animals to extinction, but ourselves as well. ”

What are you doing to Unfuck The World? Share your positive actions with us so that we can continue to inspire others and grow this movement.

Léa Roswell, unfucking the world in Ottawa

Léa Roswell from Ottawa sent us this message:

“To Unfuck The World, I recycle, I don’t litter, I help anyone and everyone I can everyday, I stand up for people’s and animals’ rights and I will continue doing so my entire life. To Unfuck The World, I spread awareness, I do good deeds, I don’t discriminate, I stand up against racism and sexism, and I listen to anyone who needs to talk. ”

What are you doing to Unfuck The World? Share your positive actions with us so that we can continue to inspire others and grow this movement.