Here’s what Matthew Markman from St. Johns, Michigan is doing to unfuck the world:

“I moved away from home, and have now lived in 5 countries. I do this to not only expand my knowledge of the world we live in, but to bridge the gap between cultures.

I explain where I come from to others, while allowing them to explain and teach about where they come from to me. I think this is very important, because it allows us to notice how much we really are one human family, and in this great world together.

The trading and sharing of ideas, of customs, of values in a respectful environment is paramount to the human existence, and this is what I have dedicated myself too. I’ve found myself riding in the back of a dump truck with a family of 20 Colombians in a very rural part the developing world (I think they are still confused as to what a gringo was doing there…) to the poshest locations in Paris and London, trying to bridge the gap between cultures. Talking, sharing, trying to change viewpoints, and gain acceptance for all.

We are not a world of divided nations like they would like us to believe, but one world, nation free, for and by everybody. This is my vision, and this is how I try to unfuck the world.”