This year’s UTW Day event at the L.A. Headquarters

On UTW Day 2017,  the UTW L.A. team practiced what Unfuck The World stands for: Positive. Local. Action. We gave a make-over to 2nd Chance For Sobriety, a sober living house in Los Angeles.

Seventy men ages 20 to 45 live at 2nd Chance, most of them by court order, all for drug related charges. Our goal was to beautify three areas: the Visitation Room, the Dining Area and the Back Yard. Leading up to UTW Day, our team spent weeks planning, fund raising and asking for help with needed items and materials.

Visitation Room: Before

Dining Area: Before

Back Yard: Before

Individuals and companies supported the project with monetary and in-kind donations.

On UTW Day, team members, volunteers, residents of 2nd Chance worked tirelessly, and together, we were able to completely transform the space.

Dining Area: After

Visitation Room: After

Back Yard: After


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