The Goal Is Near

Thanks to our very generous supporters, we have been able to raise over $5,000 in only two months! Now it’s time to start shopping! We are looking for a used short bus that we can turn into the Mobile Outreach Center for our non-profit, A Million Drops.

A bus we looked at last week.  UTW team member Preston approves.

Wrapped in A Million Drops’ bright and happy orange logo, everyone will know it’s us when we pull up!

We will drive around Hollywood to find homeless youth and young adults in need, and provide them with basic necessities, like toiletries, sock, backpacks and sleeping bags.

We will also take the time to talk with them individually or in small groups and find out how else we can help.

But that’s not all. Every few months, we will turn the bus into a mobile gallery, housing ‘Unsheltered‘, our recurring art show featuring works by homeless youth and young adults.

We still need to raise a little more money, so we can afford a bus that won’t break down after a couple of months, and to remove the seats and and outfit it with shelves and cabinets. The goal is near!


A Place Where Children Can Feel Safe

Instead of punishing disruptive kids or sending them to the principal’s office, a school in Baltimore has created a safe space, called the Mindful Moment Room.

What a great way to help children learn how to handle high-stress situations that have become a part of their lives nowadays.


If you would like to make a monetary contribution to support us with our positive local actions, please go here. Or you can visit our wish list of needed items like socks, blankets or sleeping bags. Both links are handled by our non-profit, A Million Drops, an L.A. based 501(c)3. Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do it without your help!

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