Cheers from the UTW Headquarters in Los Angeles! This weekend, we had a really good reason to celebrate: Unfuck The World turned eight! Yes, it’s true! Eight years ago, on September 11, 2006, the idea to sell UTW shirts for charity was conceived, and the first shirts were put into production only three days later.


Unfuck The World has come a far way since, and we are so excited about how far the message has spread, that we want to share our happiness with you!

The first five people to email us at with the subject line I support UTW will receive a free UTW shirt. Please make sure to include your mailing address and your preferred t-shirt style (Men’s or Women’s) and size. 

The five lucky winners will be announced in our next newsletter.



images-1We have been a fan of Laundry Love‘s work for a long time, and we actually chose them to be the charity to receive the money raised in the silent auction and raffle we had at our Unfuck The World Day 2014 event here in L.A. But we still felt the need to do more and take it a step further, and so we decided to organize a Laundry Love Hollywood group to help the homeless youths who live in that area with washing their clothes and sleeping bags.

After spending the last two Sundays scouting the area for a laundromat where the owner would agree to us having our LL events there, we are happy to announce that we found a home for LL Hollywood: The place is right in the heart of Hollywood on Western near Hollywood Blvd., nearby where many of the homeless youths live and sleep.

The home for Laundry Love Hollywood

The home for Laundry Love Hollywood

After reaching out on Facebook, a number of people wanting to volunteer contacted us, and we are now in the process of raising the money that we will need to feed the washer and dryers, and hopefully more so we will also be able to afford buying some food, beverages and basic essentials for the youths.

Trader Joe’s has already agreed to supply the detergent that we will need for our first Laundry Love event, and we hope to find other companies willing to supply us.

55927_36bafb9f190dfd8da2952855092659d7_89c336ff7d4df362b0063571bd27cd01If you would like to send in-kind donation, like laundry detergent and especially small items to fill ziplock bags, like soap, deodorant, tooth paste, tooth brush, tampons, socks etc., please contact me at

And if you would like to support us with a financial contribution, you can do this here. Every quarter will help and be much appreciated!




Volunteers on their way to distribute donations

The Hero Initiative is a grassroots group of volunteers who have banded together across states and countries to help empower people in their communities.

The members are students, teachers, professionals, husbands, wives, parents, trained in CPR, de-escalation, self-defense, and various forms of management.

They volunteer in weekly outreach events, used needle pickup patrols, and free self-defense classes.

Needle pickup

Needle pickup* Humanitarian Outreach



* Neighborhood Crime Watch
* Urban Exploration
* Empowerment and Awareness Outreach
* Specific Operations
* Law Enforcement Support (missing children/missing people, stings, etc.)
* Environmental Outreach
* Community Emergency Response

For more info, please visit the Hero Initiative on Facebook.


What does Unfuck The World mean to you? If you or someone you know are doing something to make this world a little better, please share it with us here


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