We did it!

The 4th Annual Unfuck The World Day took place on Saturday, June 11, and like in previous years, people around the globe joined us in the celebrations by organizing positive actions in their hometowns.


In Cleveland, Ohio, Wild FreedOm Punk Yoga shook the planet with a session of punk yoga at The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern. UTW supporter Shel Greenberg Elba called her friends to action and asked everybody to bring a donation to benefit Waterloo Alley Cat Project & Friends of the Cleveland Kennel.

Shel and her punk yoga gang

Shel and her punk yoga gang


Punk Rock Yoga is yoga for the people


The Beachland Ballroom was the perfect location







In Mococa, Brazil, UTW supporters Guilherme and Felipe put together a beautiful event that included tree planting and a picnic with live music where everyone brought food that afterwards could be donated to the homeless.

People brought donations of food for the homeless

People brought donations of food for the homeless


UTW Day organizers Felipe and Guilherme


Thrilled to be part of UTW Day …


In Australia, our supporter Melissa and Michelle celebrated UTW Day by distributing backpacks, socks and food vouchers to the homeless living on the streets of Melbourne.

Mel talking to a young homeless women

Mel taking the time to talk to a young homeless woman

Mel and Michelle

Mel and Michelle handed out backpacks and food vouchers

Mel and Michelle prepared backpacks

One of the backpacks Mel and Michelle prepared and handed out



First impressions from the UTW Day 2016 event in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where organizer Valentijn Vogel was able to raise over 200 Euro for Dutch Artists In Action, an organization that builds homes for refugees from Syria!


UTW supporter Jonny Smokes from Seattle happened to be in Rotterdam and was happy to perform


Valentijn’s recently opened Korean restaurant was the location for the fundraiser


Many people came throughout the day to enjoy good food and good music, and to learn about Unfuck The World


We are still waiting for pictures from our friends in the Philippines and in Las Vegas, NV.


Last but not least, first impressions from our UTW Day event here in Los Angeles, CA ...

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If you would like to make a monetary contribution, please go here. Or you can visit our wish list of needed items like socks, blankets or sleeping bags. Both links are handled by our non-profit, A Million Drops, an L.A. based 501(c)3. Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do it without your help!


For more stories and pictures from the global events on UTW Day 2015, please visit our home page!

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What does Unfuck The World mean to you? If you or someone you know are doing something to make this world a little better, please share it with us here.