People in the San Francisco Bay Area decided to take matters into their own hands. They “cut the padlock off the gate, and marched onto the last pristine farmland in the urban East Bay. They raised a banner that read ‘Occupy the Farm’ and told the press, ‘farmland is for farming.’ Then they planted 15,000 seedlings to save this publicly owned land from becoming a shopping mall, condos and baseball diamonds.

urlOccupy the Farm surprised officials. Inspired and angered neighbors. Created a media sensation. Drew in riot police. And changed the fate of the land.”

Lesley Haddock, an organizer with Occupy the Farm, says: “We hope this film will inspire more people in our community to join the effort to stop this development, and for others to take action in their own neighborhoods to reclaim land for public benefit.”


The film Occupy The Farm tells the inspiring story and is currently playing in Berkeley, CA, followed by screenings in New York, NY and Pasadena, CA with more locations to be announced soon.

We recommend watching this documentary of people taking back the land!



LaundryLove7Last Sunday, UTW Headquarters L.A. organized the second Laundry Love in Hollywood, not just helping the younger ones amongst the homeless population with washing their clothes, blankets and sleeping bags but also sitting with them and listening to what they wanted to share. The stories are heartbreaking, and it is humbling to see how much of a difference something small like wearing clean clothes can make.

We will continue doing Laundry Love in Hollywood on the second Sunday of each month. If you would like to volunteer, or donate items (i.e. toiletries, new underwear and socks, sleeping bags and blankets, backpacks, clothing) please contact Maike. We also very much appreciate monetary donations to help us pay for detergent and for running the machines. If you would like to give us financial support, please go to our Donate Page. To find other existing Laundry Love Groups, or to start your own, please go to the official website.


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