We ended the year 2016 with a give-away of art supplies for the young homeless artists who participate in our art show, Unsheltered Art.

Our generous supporters sent amazing supplies

Kris and Marquze scored acrylic paints

Wolfie digging through a crate of supplies

Many UTW supporters followed our call, to donate materials, and there was plenty to choose from, from canvasses and brushes to acrylic paints and water colors, and even a sewing machine. All was happily welcomed.

The next step for us now will be to find a location for our next Unsheltered Art show featuring works by homeless, at-risk youth and young adults. If you are in L.A. and know of a place in the Hollywood area that would be interested in teaming up with us for this, please send them our way!

Below a few of the pieces that were shown at previous Unsheltered Art shows we have organized here in Los Angeles. Artists Marquze Killion, Neil Massey, and Wyatt Stalnaker.

Unsheltered Art

Unsheltered Art








Disney illustrator Wendy Grieb created this awesome image for us

Since 2013, we have been cruising the streets of Hollywood looking for young homeless in need, taking the time to sit with them and talk to better understand how we can help.

Now it’s time to turn it up a notch. For more visibility and to better provide our support, we are going to buy an old short bus or used van and turn it into our mobile outreach center.

If you want to support UTW L.A. with this project, please consider making a small donation. An anonymous donor is going to match every contribution we receive by January 15 – up to $2,000 – with an additional 50%. We are super excited about this!



The 5th Annual Unfuck The World Day is only five months away. Incredible! Who would have thought four years ago that this would turn into a regular event with participants around the world, Australia, the Philippines, Brazil, Iceland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada and several cities here in the USA have been part

If you would like to join us this year by organizing a fundraiser or positive action in your community, please contact us. For guidelines and more info on UTW Day, visit our website.



If you would like to make a monetary contribution, please go here. Or you can visit our wish list of needed items like socks, blankets or sleeping bags. Both links are handled by our non-profit, A Million Drops, an L.A. based 501(c)3. Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do it without your help!

For stories and pictures from the global events on UTW Day 2016, please visit our home page!

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What does Unfuck The World mean to you? If you or someone you know are doing something to make this world a little better, please share it with us here.