Things are heating up at here the UTW headquarters in L.A. With only 3 (three… aaaaaaaargh) days left until Unfuck The World Day 2014 and still so much to do we are turning it up a few notches. No sleep til Brooklyn! With global events in 15 cities on 4 continents, there is always someone awake who wants to have a Skype call to ask questions or give us  news from their part of the world…

Gershom Pertacorta, our UTW representative in the Philippines

Gershom Pertacorta, our UTW representative in the Philippines

Like Gershom, our UTW team member in the Philippines, who is organizing UTW Day for the second time.

The Philippines are 15 hours ahead of L.A. and Gershom usually gets on Skype when it’s past Midnight here… but it’s so worth staying up for his calls, cause his news always blow my mind!

The latest is that Gershom and his friends went up the mountains outside Subic Bay to meet with the elders of an ancient tribe called the Aeta people, one of the first African natives of Asia, and the original inhabitants of the Philippines.


Aeta man in his traditional outfit

Aeta man in his traditional outfit

The Aeta people are a peaceful and non-violent indigenous people with their own traditions, customs, identity, and their own language called Sambal.

They have suffered racial discrimination and receive little recognition and support from the government, and during the past fifty years they have lost much of their ancestral domain to land grabbers, loggers and mining operations backed by politicians and officials.



Aeta's traditional dance

Aeta’s traditional dance

When Gershom told them about Unfuck TheWorld Day and what we try to achieve with, the Aeta people decided to come down the mountain to join him for the UTW Day celebrations on the beach near Subic Bay, and I can’t even begin to tell you how deeply honored I feel about this.

In  celebration of UTW Day, the Aeta people are going to perform their ancient rituals on the beach in Subic Bay, and they are going to serve their traditional bamboo rice to the audience, artists and musicians. If I could have one wish, it would be to clone myself and fly to the Philippines, so I could share this experience!

It’s only the 2nd time that we are organizing the Annual Unfuck The World Day, and to have someone like the Aeta people join makes me feel very humble…

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See you in a couple of days!

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